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And so it ends...

On 02/03/2011 11:41 AM, Jeffrey Lyon wrote:
> I'm not inclined to believe that ARIN members will collectively agree
> on anything significant, so the policy process is a lot like U.S.
> government (not a lot getting done).

ARIN members don't make binding votes on individual policy actions, they
elect the Advisory Council and Board of ARIN.  ARIN solicits policy
proposals and takes feedback and general counts of yea and nay votes for
those proposals before deciding whether to adopt them.

All of this is documented:


It's true a lot of policy proposal never get out of the discussion
phase, but they're posted to the PPML and anyone can discuss their
reasons for support or opposition, propose improvements and work to get
the policy into a state where the AC will bring it under review.

This process is far more open than that of the US Government.

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