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> From: "Owen DeLong" <owen at delong.com>

> It's not transparent to:
> Application Developers
> Operating Systems
> Home Gateway Developers
> Consumer Electronics Developers
> Technical Support departments
> My users who are trying to talk to your users using applications that
> are designed to work in a NAT-free world.
> My technical support department that gets the "we can't reach them"
> calls from my users who can't reach your users.
> It may not be your first trip to the rodeo, but, you do appear to have
> a rather limited perspective on the far reaching detriments of NAT.

This is possible.  The networks I administer are, admittedly, smaller ones,
and they tend to be business-aimed, and thereby have a more strictly limited
set of policy-allowed uses... which I've set.

Customer transit networks will necessarily expose a larger set of usage...
but they also generally (Rose.net notwithstanding) don't apply NAT.

I see cogent arguments on both sides of the issue.

And my thanks to those on this part of this thread who've supplied
actual explanations, rather than merely assertions.

-- jra