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> > You can do that today. For instance, this is what I have in a test =
> > setup. (However, the ISC dhcpd can only do either v4 or v6, not both at =
> > the same time.)
> Which is a limitation that we intend to address.  It was more time
> sensitive to get a DHCPv6 server out there than a integrated
> DHCPv4/DHCPv6 server.  No date has been set for this yet.
> > subnet6 2001:960:7bf:d::/64
> >   {
> >     option dhcp6.name-servers 2001:1af8:2:5::2;
> >     option dhcp6.domain-search "bonjour.muada.nl";
> >     range6 2001:960:7bf:d::1000 2001:960:7bf:d::1fff;
> >   }

Just need to add default route in there and make dhcpd do RA
then the user can turn off RA on their routers and not care
that DHCPv6 doesn't include default router.

Future proof, if/when it gets added natively too it'll just carry
on with no reconfig.