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On Wed, 2 Feb 2011, Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:

> IPv6 is what it is. There will be more tinkering but if you think 
> there's enough

and yet it still isn't ready and standardly supported by OSes, routers, 
switches, software....  seems to me it's in the same mode it always has 

> Because IPv4-style DHCP often breaks because the DHCP server points to

Really?  Never had that happen if I didn't configure it to happen... (and 
yes, I've done some pretty deep dhcp setups over the years, particular for 
WISP setups)

> the wrong router address and because NAT breaks end-to-end connectivity 
> so severe workaround in applications become necessary. But you knew 
> that.

On the NAT subject, I'll point out a recent change that I wasn't aware of, 
and a bit of history around it.   It might help less people feel the 
"need" for NAT.

At least in ARIN territory, if you're multihomed, and you can show 
in-1-year use of 50% of a (v4) /24, you qualify for a PI v6 /48.    Which 
means that a lot of the shops I've worked for over the years can get PI 
space where they couldn't before, and one of the heavy uses of NAT 
(renumbering sanity) disappears.   (if you're singlehomed, 50% of /20..)

For the history, v6 was originally pushed as -NO ONE- (who isn't an LIR or 
RIR) -EVER- gets PI space, you should use insert-magic-of-the-week-here.

That's changed.  We can now get PI space, and we can use it.    So those 
of you who were thinking of using NAT with v6, how does that effect your 

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