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On Tue, 1 Feb 2011, Cameron Byrne wrote:

>> Telling people "I'm right, you're wrong" over and over again leads to
>> them going away and ignoring IPv6.
> +1
> Somebody should probably get a blog instead of sending, *39 and
> counting*, emails to this list in one day.

It's a discussion list.  We're having a discussion.   Admittedly, Owen 
hasn't presented any solutions to my actual problems, but.. ;)

Owen said:
> The solution to number 2 depends again on the circumstance. IPv6
> offers a variety of tools for this problem, but, I have yet to see an
> environment where the other tools can't offer a better solution than
> NAT.

Which is a complete non-answer.  NAT provides a nice "solution" - even 
with it's problems - for small consumers and large enterprises, who have 
much higher percentages of devices that need (or even -require-) no 
inbound connectivity.

Why should I (or my IT department) have to renumber the 5,000 desktop PCs 
in this office (a large percentage of which have static IP addresses due 
to the failings of dynamic DNS and software that won't support DNS (I'm 
looking at you, Unity.) just because we've changed providers?  Why should 
we have to renumber devices at my mom's house just because she switched 
from cable to dsl?

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