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On 2/2/2011 9:52 AM, Iljitsch van Beijnum wrote:

> I understand people use DHCP for lots of stuff today. But that's
> mainly because DHCP is there, not because it's the best possible way
> to get that particular job done.

I don't disagree that an anycast well known address would be nice for 
say RA + SLAAC.

However, DHCP has many uses and requirements. It has versatility that RA 
+ SLAAC doesn't have, especially when dealing with policies for specific 
devices (which I understand DHCPv6 is missing some of this logic). This 
includes DNS servers. When I am connected to certain parts of our 
network, the DNS servers I receive are not the same as everyone around 
me. This applies to VPN connections as well (though I realize in VPN I 
could actually setup for the prefix to go via the VPN).

DHCP is about giving hosts information based on policies. The simpler 
use of DHCP could easily be replaced, but the more common corporate uses 
cannot. Currently, much of the functionality of DHCP is not included in 
DHCPv6, which is a serious operations issue.