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On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 10:23, Iljitsch van Beijnum <iljitsch at muada.com>wrote:

> But all of this could easily have been avoided: why are we _discovering_
> DNS addresses in the first place? Simply host them on well known addresses
> and you can hardcode those addresses, similar to the 6to4 gateway address.
> But no, no rough consensus on something so simple.

I'll admit right now that I don't know nearly enough about the IETF process,
but it looks like there have been 2 separate attempts at this:
draft-lee-dnsop-resolver-wellknown-ipv6addr - ID, expired
draft-ohta-preconfigured-dns - ID, expired

Until one of those is revived (or a similar draft is written), and makes it
through IETF to reach RFC status, and there are assigned addresses from
IANA, there are no well known addresses for anyone hardcode.