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Can you see these AS links:)

On Mar 31, 2009, at 10:56 PM, Kai Chen wrote:

> As part of a research project here at Northwestern, we have found  
> quite a
> few unexpected AS-level links that do not appear in public available  
> tables. We really need your help in validating them; for anyone who  
> knows
> links associated with any AS, if you can assist us with this please  
> contact
> us off list.

That's an interesting request.  Most network operators know about AS  
adjacencies, since it is hard to be on the Internet without your AS  
having a link to at least one other.  Do you expect everyone to ping  
you back?

Also, what makes you think all adjacencies appear in "public available  
BGP tables"?  Most do not.  This is not surprising, it is expected.   
I'm interested to know why you think they would.