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The Confiker Virus.


Here's the link for the Python Crypto toolkit:

I scanned our internal network and didn't find anything, so I can't really
vouch for it's reliablity though.

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you need to add python-crypto with whatever package manager your OS uses,
yast line in suse:

|python-crypto                   |2.0.1          |2.0.1     
|Collection of cryptographic algorithms and protocols, implemented for use
from Python 


>>> JoeSox <joesox at gmail.com> 31/03/09 8:46 am >>>
Has anyone tried the Python scs Network Scanner script?

I have installed Impacket- library but it throws the following
"WARNING: Crypto package not found. Some features will fail."

Does anyone know if this effects the reliability of the scs script? I have
it scanning but I don't like that warning.

What other library is Impacket looking for to correct that warning?

Thanks, Joe

On Mon, Mar 30, 2009 at 10:27 AM, Paul Ferguson <fergdawgster at gmail.com>