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Fiber cut on Irish Sea

>PE also reported that the problem started at 8:00 AM on the 
>29th and was repaired at 9:05 (no AM or PM) on the 26th (yes, 
>three days in the past)

Hey!?!?!? Where'd they get a time machine! lol, j/k You mean 26th at 8am
to the 29th 9:05 M-less?


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> From: Ken Gilmour [mailto:ken.gilmour at gmail.com] 
> Sent: Sunday, March 29, 2009 1:11 PM
> To: Justin M. Streiner
> Cc: nanog at nanog.org
> Subject: Re: Fiber cut on Irish Sea
> 2009/3/29 Justin M. Streiner <streiner at cluebyfour.org>:
> > On Sun, 29 Mar 2009, Ken Gilmour wrote:
> >
> >> This has been fixed now. I will follow up directly with PE 
> for an RFO.
> >
> > If it was repaired that quickly it was probably not a cut 
> or a 'wet' 
> > failure but maybe something like an electronics failure in 
> a landing 
> > station or something similar.
> >