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Request for data : Earth Hour - traffic stats [28 March 2009 20:30-21:30 local]


  I'm compiling some data re this year's "Earth Hour"[1] .

  For those not in the know, or those that dismissed it, "Earth Hour" is
something the World Wildlife Fund cooked up, suggesting that the world "turn
off" all non-essential electrical  devices, to demonstrate some
global-warming hypothesis.

  I'm looking for data - either compiled or raw - of activity between 8:30
(20:30) and 9:30 (21:30) "local" time.  Power usage (and comparisons against
previous weeks if available) and probably easier to push out - bandwidth
info (and, again, comparisons against previous 2030-2130-saturday-night

  All data will be anonymized.  Sources, if you send from $work email, will
not be included in any summarizations.

  I think this will turn out to be some rather interesting info.  I'll post
findings to nanog, of course, or at least, appropriate urls and such.


[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth_Hour |
Jamie Rishaw // .com.arpa at j <- reverse it. ish.
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