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First steps towards v6 support by ATT?

> yea... maybe they do, I don't see that from my view of 7018's routing
> data (limited as it may be)


>>>> http://www.corp.att.com/gov/solution/network_services/data_nw/ipv6/
>>>> Looks like they have established a tunnel in the United States perhaps?
>>> how did you gather that? Maybe Tom knows more about this and can let
>>> us all know?
>> From:
>> Remote Access Service to IPv6 Internet
>>    * Support IPv6 for small (or satellite) locations and individual remote
>> users
>>    * Reach a dynamically configurable IPv6 Tunnel Gateway through IPv4 ISPs
>> through fractional T1, DSL or dial-up access
>>    * The Tunnel Setup Protocol (TSP) will be used to create tunnels to
>> transport IPv6 traffic over an IPv4 network to the gateway
> wow, 'tsp'... uhm, what's that I wonder? This:
> http://www.broker.ipv6.ac.uk/download.html
> perhaps?? yeek!

Yes looks like. Especially with the mention of DSL/dial up access.

Plus I seem to recall some discussion around the ipv6 mandate having 
some language specifying they had to support it transit wise, but not 
necessarily be on v6 addresses. [1]

Anyone from .gov with ATT connectivity care to comment (both on the 
nature of the native/tunneled v6 offering and the actual requirements of 
meeting the mandate)

[1] Language from 

"Meaning the network backbone is either operating a dual stack network 
core or it is operating in a pure
IPv6 mode, i.e., IPv6-compliant and configured to carry operational IPv6