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OnLive -- Very disruptive internet technology to change things as we know it?

On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 02:56:14PM -0700, Dave Temkin wrote:
> That's a great question.  Another question I asked, specific to the 
> OnLive product is related to *how* they plan on distributing this 
> traffic.  If you take the Netflix or Apple or Blockbuster models they 
> don't necessarily apply to OnLive, being as their content is static and 
> easily cacheable at the edge, whereas I'm imagining OnLive's content is 
> far more dynamic and nearly impossible to cache, especially if they're 
> shipping a "lightweight" device that won't be doing graphics processing 
> (or storage) locally.
> -Dave

To overly simplify what they are doing and hopefully answering your
question they are a IPKVM with a ultra efficient high quality video codec.
That said there really isn't any way to cache content that I can think of
since everything is dynamic.  As to how do you mean protocol or delivery
platform?  The latter sounded like from the press conference that they
will at minimum have roughly 5 or so POPs (from their 'need to be 1000 mi
from the customer') over the country.  I suspect the radius will shrink as
they roll out.