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Akamai wierdness

Jeffrey Cohen wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 1:21 AM, JC Dill <jcdill.lists at gmail.com> wrote:
> | Customers also have/know
> | about ccare@ which also works.  Non-customers (surprise - not everyone is
> an
> | Akamai customer, and non-customers do have valid reasons to contact a NOC
> | now and then) who don't know about the super sekret[1] ccare@ can use noc@
> .
> the first click off the akamai root page is hardly "super sekret". 
>  although
> they are really sneaky about it.  its called 'support' and it is big and
> bright and blue and right where you would expect it.  quite the outrage

Customer support is an avenue for customers to receive... wait for it... 
support.  It is not necessarily the right way for non-customers to reach 
a network operation center for network operations issues between the 
company's network and other networks.  In many (most?) instances when a 
non-customer uses a customer support channel they encounter a brick wall 
- because CSRs are trained on how to support customers, not trained or 
enabled to connect non-customers to other departments.  Try using the 
"customer support" channel as a non-customer to report a networking 
problem to eBay's NOC or to Google's NOC, and then report back on how 
well that works for you. 

It's perfectly reasonable to expect that large company networks 
operations centers have a NOC-to-NOC contact path that works 
better/faster than trying to go thru a customer service center to reach 
the NOC.
> | Is there some point you wanted to make that contradicts all of this?
> jcdill, are you eight?  this is a mailing list for network professionals.
>  if you cannot be at, at least act it
I can write in complete sentences, using capitalization and 
punctuation.   I know the difference between its and it's.   Skit's law 
will probably come into play now.  Oh well.

Enough said.