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phishing attacks against ISPs (also with Google translations)

Paul Wall wrote:
> That makes one of us,
Paul, please refrain from silly attacks, as your message didn't provide
anything substantive for this list.  And your attempts at derisive humor
weren't amusing.  Grow up.


I've not recently seen an ISP account phish here.  The last one I remember
was circa 2003.  It was a dictionary attack, arriving at my was@ account
(long since rendered useless by spam volume and terminated).

However, I don't save phish/spam anymore.  I used to save everything --
providing many of the examples for http://fraudgallery.com/ -- nowadays,
just daily scan for false positives, report monetary phish to the few
ISPs that actually promptly close down bad actors, and delete the rest.

Good luck, Gadi.