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Akamai wierdness

jamie rishaw wrote:
> Akamai customer support is ccare at . 
> Anyone claiming noc@ : not the place for issues to go to, and Akamai will
> tell you that.[4]
No one said that noc@ was "not the place" - someone (who works at 
Akamai) said that the RFC specified noc@ works, and it does.  Someone 
else said it didn't work, and that person was incorrect (as my testing 
proves) - perhaps the NOC has better things to do than engage with a 
nym/troll when it "tests" if the noc@ address works or not.

To summarize:

The RFC-specified noc@ address exists and works.  Customers also 
have/know about ccare@ which also works.  Non-customers (surprise - not 
everyone is an Akamai customer, and non-customers do have valid reasons 
to contact a NOC now and then) who don't know about the super sekret[1] 
ccare@ can use noc at .

Is there some point you wanted to make that contradicts all of this?


[1] TIN(Sekret)C