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Akamai wierdness

Not to add to a potential "peeing" contest here.... but we have Akamai
equipment in our network - it's a very important component to our
service delivery.  If/when there is ever a problem (quite rare in our
experience other than the odd hardware failure that has no impact
anyways due to the cluster configuration) we send an email to
noc at akamai.com.

Typical response times on a 24X7 basis never normally exceed 20 minutes
at most.  I can remember one time where it might have been an hour.

That's a long ways from "blackhole" based on our experience... 

Paul Stewart

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Paul Wall wrote:
> Patrick Gilmore wrote [context inserted]:
>> Perhaps using the RFC required address [noc at akamai] would be more
> productive than e-mailing 10k strangers?
> Normally I see emails like this and, if it's Not In My Back Yard, and
> Internet is not going nutz, the delete key explains how worried i am.
> Back to your email:
>> using the RFC required address
> The correct catty response to the Akamai question is :
ccare at akamai.com.
>  That's C as in "Customer", Care as in "they actually care".
> I would end the email there, but it really gets me how someone that is
> in-house doesn't realize that noc at akamai is a black hole.

Paul, you might want to test a theory of this nature before you post 
about it to more than a thousand of your colleagues.  This morning I 
sent email to noc at akamai.com and received a personalized 
(non-autoresponder) reply 17 minutes later.




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