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Redundant AS's

>   Autonomous systems will be  assigned  16-bit  identification
>   numbers  (in  much  the same ways as network and protocol numbers
>   are now assigned), and every EGP message header contains one word
>   for  this  number.

Was that a 36-bit word?


   I think 3B2 code deserves its own place in hell.  Poring over the
   ESS#5 code, someone found that there were lots of strcmp(p, "f(")
   == 0 checks (I may have gotten the exact string wrong but it's
   close).  It took us a while to figure out why.  Apparently, location
   0 on the 3b had the 3 bytes 'f' '(' '\0', someone noticed that when
   programs blew up they were pointing to "f(", and the worlds most
   amazing kludge for detecting nil pointers was born.
   			-- Dave Presotto