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Redundant AS's

* Hank Nussbacher:

> Older LIRs have more allocations which compensates for the time
> factor of the algorithm.  Older allocations need almost no human
> handling by the RIR vs a new LIR of a year which has a oodles of
> tickets that need human intervention.

And how much of that is the result of not returning old resources to
the RIR?

My own experience as an end user is not that good: After insisting
repeatedly, only one of the LIRs we contacted eventually removed our
historic PA assignment from the RIPE database (years after the last
contract ended).  It's just a tiny amount of resources which was
involved, but I guess even those sum up in the end.  Presumably, the
current environment encourages LIRs to treat this as some sort of
inner reserve.  And as long as the LIR's resource requirements are not
stagnant, this isn't even a significant problem from a global