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Seeking Connectivity in IRAQ

On Wednesday 18 March 2009 22:27:25 Tim McKee wrote:
> www.sdnglobal.com does enterprise grade  satellite service.
> Tim mckee

As a side job, I'm a consultant for a radio station in NC with a mobile SDN 
system; works great, very reliable, tolerable latency; a must, since this 
station, due to the terrain in the Appalachians, cannot easily use standard 
RPU's for many live remotes, and thus is using SDN satellite IP to carry audio 
and video streams from the site of the remote.

Setup at the time this system was installed as a certified installer only 
thing; but the guy that did ours did it good.  SDN has a good reputation from 
what I can find, too.

Shades of SunBelt, Tim!