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Netflow on SUP720-3BXL

On Sun, 15 Mar 2009, Andy Bierlair wrote:

> Im trying to run netflow on one of our Cisco core routers (SUP720-3BXL),
> but I think I am hitting some limitations because of this:
> %EARL_NETFLOW-SP-4-TCAM_THRLD: Netflow TCAM threshold exceeded, TCAM
> Utilization [99%]
> TCAM Utilization             :   100%
> Aggregated traffic: 7-8 GBIT/s
> Packets per Second: 1.0 - 1.2 Million

AFAIK, at that traffic level, you will have to do sampled netflow.  Try
mls sampling time-based 64 [in global]
mls netflow sampling [in interface]

and see if that stops your TCAM utilization issues.  You may have to 
sample even less flow data.

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