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AT&T Security Contact

Hi All,

One of our customers has forwarded us a rambling, disjointed threat  
from someone sending from abuse at sbcglobal.net who claims to be "the  
Security Manager for AT&T Internet Services Security Center, its  
subsidiaries and affiliates" who won't provide a name or personal  
contact information but who promises to (and I quote) "DNS Block" some  
of the customer's IP's (in our allocation) over a problem AT&T has  
with one of the customer's customers.

After reading the message, I checked the situation myself and the  
problem complained about appears to have been resolved some time ago,  
if it ever existed at all.

Also, the IP's in question are not, as far as I know, DNS servers; I  
am quite sure they are shared hosting IP's, so I don't know what AT&T  
is proposing to do, exactly, but it sounds like a threat to interfere  
with a bunch of innocent people's web sites for what appear to be  
bogus reasons.

They have ignored multiple confirmed-delivery-I've-seen-the-logs  
attempts to respond by our customer, our customer's customer, and  

Could I please get someone from AT&T to contact me off-list about this  
before it turns into a "thing?"