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Dynamic IP log retention = 0?

Ross wrote:
> We can all improve in our operations, public shaming
> for not dropping ones other duties to hand over information that you
> aren't privileged to is a bit sad.

No one asked anyone to "hand over information that they weren't 
privileged to".  Trying to publicly shame someone for asking for this, 
when they asked for no such thing, is more than a bit sad.

What was requested is that Covad deal with their problem customer.  
Covad tried to claim that they couldn't deal with it because supposedly 
they don't have any logs of which customer had the IP less than 48 hours 
ago, which is just not very believable.  There also wasn't any 
indication that Covad claimed they had more important duties to attend 
to and that this wasn't important to address - they just claimed they 
"can't" address it because they don't have log data to link the IP to 
the customer.