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DNS support for DKIM


Hi.  I maintain DKIM's <http://dkim.org> web site, which includes:

      DKIM Software and Services Deployment Reports

and am interested in adding entries for relevant DNS services.

The page lists software, services and consultants that perform DKIM functions.

Recent discussions about the use of DNS for DKIM have made clear that we need
the page to provide a more detailed listing of specific DKIM-related DNS functions.

So the template for the page now covers:

> DNS =    Supports DNS administration
>          _names:      Creation of domain names that include underscores
>          TXT:         Creation of DKIM parameters, under underscore name
>          NS:          Creation, under underscore name
>          wizard:      User interface that facilitates creating DKIM-specific
>                       records.

I'm interested in adding entries for /all/ software and services (packages,
ISPs, DNS providers, etc.) that can perform the necessary DNS functions needed
by DKIM.

For those wishing to, please complete the template for an entry, per:


and send it to me.




   Dave Crocker
   Brandenburg InternetWorking