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Dynamic IP log retention = 0?

J. Oquendo wrote:
> On Thu, 12 Mar 2009, Glen Turner wrote:
>> William Allen Simpson wrote:
>> A telecommunications carrier releasing a customer's details without their
>> permission, to a non-investigatory third party, without a court order.
>> Hmmm. It's certainly illegal here in Australia. And last I checked wasn't
>> the US firm Hewlett Packard in trouble for hiring people to do just that?
Hey, bad quotation!  I'm not from Australia.  That's not my writing.  Nor
did I ever advocate releasing a customer's details -- to anybody. :-(

I also disagree with your point about responsibilities of ISPs.  Yes, it's
true that Microsoft externalized its costs upon its customers.

But only the ISPs are in a position to detect the abuse, and that's part of
the business.  Some of us take network security seriously.