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Dynamic IP log retention = 0?

JC Dill wrote (on Thu, Mar 12, 2009 at 09:02:25AM -0700):
> Ross wrote:
> There seems to be a big misconception that he asked them to "hand over" 
> the info.  As I read the OP, he asked Comcast to do something about it 
> and Comcast said "we can't do anything about it because we don't have 
> logs".  Here's a quote from the OP:
> >I've been nudging an operator at Covad about a handful of hosts from 
> >his DHCP pool that have been attacking - relentlessly port scanning - 
> >our assets. I've been informed by this individual that there's "no 
> >way" to determine which customer had that address at the times I list 
> >in my logs - even though these logs are sent within 48 hours of the 
> >incidents. 
> IMHO, that's a bunch of BS from whoever he's talking with at Comcast.  
> In the normal course of business they would have logs of which customer 
> had that IP just 48 hours earlier.  They *can* do something about their 
> customer.  And they *should* do something about their customer who is 
> causing problems on another network, the same as if that customer was 
> spewing spam, or actually attacking (DDoS etc.) another network.
> So the question circles back around to how does the OP get Comcast to 
> step up, internally identify and take care of their problem customer?  
> What path should he take to get connected with someone who has more clue 
> about this type of problem so that they can address it in a timely fashion?
> Has it come to needing to get a lawyer to write a strongly worded letter 
> just to get this type of thing done today?
> jc

[Disclaimer - I am a lawyer, and I write strongly worded letters to pay my 

Not to disagree with any of your points, but the OP (which you quoted!)
was talking about Covad, while you're bashing Comcast.

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