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comcast price check

Back to the original topic on price.  I am interested in this as well as we are looking for a failover network and had actually talked with Comcast.  They were doing the work to see how far they had to trench.

Does anyone out there actually use their Ethernet services?  How stable are they?  Good pricing?

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On 2/20/09 11:36 PM, Andrew Prowant wrote:
> Yes, Comcast started providing transit late last year.  A couple hosting
> providers have connectivity to them here in Chicago. FDCServers.net has
> 30Gbps or 40Gbps to them.

*raises an eyebrow*

FDCservers.net eh?  That's always reassuring.

Given my past experiences with them, I'm not sure I'd want to use them
as a 'great example'.

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