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IPv6 Confusion

On Feb 17, 2009, at 11:28 AM, Tony Hain wrote:
> Approach IPv6 as a new and different protocol.

Unfortunately, I gather this isn't what end users or network operators  
want or expect.  I suspect if we want to make real inroads towards  
IPv6 deployment, we'll need to spend a bit more time making IPv6 look,  
taste, and feel like IPv4 and less time berating folks for "IPv4- 
think" (not that you do this, but others here do).  For example,  
getting over the stateless autoconfig religion (which was never fully  
thought out -- how does a autoconfig'd device get a DNS name  
associated with their address in a DNSSEC-signed world again?) and  
letting network operators use DHCP with IPv6 the way they do with IPv4.

Or, we simply continue down the path of more NATv4.