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v6 & DSL / Cable modems

sthaug at nethelp.no wrote:
> No, this information must be available in *one* place. It's called a
> DHCP server. As an operator, this is clearly what I want, both for IPv4
> and IPv6.

DHCP is available, spec'd and implemented on some systems. However, 
there are times that DHCP fails (from my experience).

Two routers, 2 default routes. Support for shim6 or other multiple IP 
protocol. 2 routers, 2 global IP's assigned to the host, different 
default routes, and support for backup default route to opposite router.

There are lots of cool things that RA's are used for, and assigning an 
address is just one of them.

This argument over DHCP seems to be more noise; as there's room for 
both, and the specs and implementations exist for both. Cable modems, in 
particular, have a DHCP oriented nature to them; and while there are 
bugs being worked out on specific implementations (according to cable 
operators I know), they will be using DHCP with IPv6 as well.