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[ih] NCP and TCP implementations

Alex, I think the MBB was developed, by Kraley and Rettberg, with BBN 
internal R&D money.

Everyone, What I think I remember is that before the C/30 etc. was 
developed, BBN Communication Corporation was BBN Computer Company and 
its product was a computer, the C/70, which executed C as its basic 
instruction set.  Univx probably ran on that machine.  The 70 might have 
been chosen because BBN thought the C/70 was a competitor for the VAX 
11/70.  Ben Barker would know all about this.  I don't remember if the 
C/30 IMP development started before BBNCC became the computer 
corporation instead of the computer company.  The C/30, as perhaps has 
already been noted, was a different set of micro code for the MBB which 
looked like the Honeywell 316 IMP, so the earlier IMP code ran on the 
new machine, called a C/30.  I don't remember all the reasons for moving 
from the 316 to the C/30 but I suppose one of them was that computers 
were getting cheapter and the 316 was pretty expensive and a cheaper 
computer was needed.  Another reason might have been that BBN no longer 
had to but 316s from Honeywell and instead got to make the margin on the 
hardware sale because it manufactured the computer.

On 3/16/2020 10:43 AM, Alex McKenzie via Internet-history wrote:
>   Bernie et al,
> I am quite sure that the C/70 never ran the IMP code.
> The MBB was probably funded by ARPA and its development was (I think) recorded in BBN QTRs to ARPA and definitely in other BBN Technical Reports.? But I think the C/70 was a BBN internal (self funded) project and (I think) was not in QTRs.? I do think there was at least one technical paper about the C/70 given at a conference but I can't find any reference, so perhaps not.
> Alex