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[ih] NCP and TCP implementations

    > From: Bernie Cosell

    > The TIP was a 316 IMP with the terminal handling code in the upper 16K
    > of memory.  The C/30 was an implementation of the 316 on the MBB

Any idea/recollection of why the 316 TIP hardware was ditched and replaced
with the C/30 for the TAC? Just to have more modern/maintainable hardware? (I
recall the 316 was made of a lot of tiny cards.)

    > The MBB was "microprogrammable" and so we built the C/70 ... Alex/Dave:
    > was any of the development of the C70 written up?

I definitely read a document about the MBB. I have this vague memory that it was
hardcopy, but I doubt I'll be able to locate it anytime soon.

ISTR that the MBB took a daughtercard, which implemented extra functionality,
and the C/70 took its own; I don't recall exactly what the C/70 one did,