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[ih] NCP and TCP implementations

    > From: vinton cerf

    > Steve Kirsch asks in what languages NCP and TCP were written.

The NCP for PDP-11 Unix was in C; the source for that still exists, and is
online here:

The ITS NCP was written in MIDAS, the PDP-10 macro assembler. The source
still exists, and is online.

    > Another version was written for PDP-11/23 by Jim Mathis but not clear in
    > what language.

That TCP was in Macro-11; the source for that one still exists in
machine-readable form, but is not yet openly available online. Oh, and it
would run on any -11, not just the /23.

    > Tenex was probably done in C at BBN.

BBN did two different PDP-11 TCPs for Unix (early on; later they did one for
VAX Unix); one was in Macro-11, and is not available (but Jack Haverty might
have it in hard-copy); one was in C, and is available here:


    > Was 360 done in PL/1?? Dave Clark did one for IBM PC (assembly
    > language/??)

Dave Clark did two TCPs (well, he worked on two, but only one he did from
scratch): one in PL/1 for Multics (started by Drew Mason, I think that was his
name), a later version of which is still available in the emulated Multics;
and he wrote one in scratch in BCPL for the Alto, which I suspect is lost.

The one for the PC was done by David Bridgham and John Ronkey, and was in C;
the source for a slightly later version still exists in machine-readable form,
but again I'm not sure if it's openly available online yet.

    > Other recollections much appreciated.

There were several in C done at MIT for V6 Unix. One was a translation of Dave
Clark's Alto one into C by Larry Allen (I suspect?), which was only suitable
for low-bandwith applications (e.g. User TELNET) the other was from scratch,
by Liza Martin, in C. Both also still exists in machine-readable form, but are
not yet openly available online.