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[ih] Who Paid for the Internet? (was Re: sad news: Peter Kirstein)

On 14-Jan-20 14:03, Olivier MJ Cr?pin-Leblond via Internet-history wrote:
> One additional sad thing is that, as with every Commission project, the
> final document was dated 24 October 1995 and by then, with references
> from 1993 and 1994, a lot of the report was obsolete. And OSI vs. IP
> battle had already tipped to the advantage of IP. FYI Yahoo had been
> created in January 1994. WebCrawler in April 1994. Lycos in May 1994.
> Excite in October 1995. A definition of blindness on the old continent.

Well yes.

Carpenter, B. E., Is OSI Too Late?, RARE Networkshop 1989, Computer Networks and ISDN Systems, 17 (1989) 284-286.

There were people in Brussels, and elswhere, who never really forgave me for that. In fact the paper didn't say unambiguously "Yes" but made it pretty clear that OSI was on life support.

I must have found Tim BL's original draft proposing the Web in my mailbox at roughly the same time that I was drafting the paper.