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[ih] 12 Streams #8- Partnership for Progress on the Digital Divide 25th Anniversary

Just as 2019 marked 50 years since the first message crossed the APRPANET,
it also marked 25 years since the realization that the Internet and its
associated technologies were now so vital that they needed to be
ubiquitous. It was Larry Irving, then leading the NTIA, who coined the term
'Digital Divide', and Laura Breeden who led the staff effort to ameliorate
it. Our stream today kicks off with Lee Rainie providing facts and figures,
and includes Vint Cerf, who needs no introduction, but marked the occasion
by sporting a 1994 Internet Society pin.

ISOC Live posted: "Today, Tuesday December 31 2019, at 7pm EST (00:00 UTC)
in the sixth installment of the Internet Society Livestreaming?s ?12 Days
of Streams? annual highlights, we feature three streams that celebrated the
50th anniversary of first message sent across the"


[image: livestream]
<https://livestream.com/internetsociety/ppdd>Today, *Thursday
January 2 2020*, at* 7pm EST* (00:00 UTC) in the 8th installment of
the *Internet
Society Livestreaming* <https://isoc.live/>?s ?*12 Days of Streams
<https://isoc.live/tag/12-streams/>*?? annual highlights, we feature
the *Partnership
for Progress on the Digital Divide 2019 International Conference
<https://bit.ly/ppddagenda>*, held in Washington in May, which marked the
25th anniversary of the recognition of the digital divide through social
scientific research. This was a 3 day 4 track conference, so there were
many more speakers than the four we feature today who are, *Lee Rainie*,
Director of Internet and Technology Research, Pew Research Center; *Laura
Breeden*, former Program Director for Public Computing and Broadband
Adoption, N.T.I.A; *Vint Cerf*, Vice President and Chief Internet
Evangelist, Google; and *Larry Irving*, President and CEO, Irving Group. A
brief Q&A session with Vint Cerf and Larry Irving is also included.

*VIEW ON LIVESTREAM: https://livestream.com/internetsociety/ppdd

*ORIGINAL STREAM: https://bit.ly/ppddlive <https://bit.ly/ppddlive>*

*TWITTER: #12Streams <http://bit.ly/2t8HX2J> #ppdd2019
<https://bit.ly/ppdd2019> #digitaldivide*



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