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[ih] evil umpire?

Tangential reply ...

On Sat, Feb 29, 2020 at 3:02 PM Miles Fidelman via Internet-history
<internet-history at elists.isoc.org> wrote:
>  (My Google Foo doesn't seem to be working today, or
> it happened too long ago to be indexed.)

I don't think it's you.
As you're probably painfully aware, the DejaNews archive that Google
bought is mostly inaccessible now (since 2015), alas.
AFAIK there is not equivalent mirror on-line.
(One hopes Henry Spencer or UT kept a copy of the Usenet 1981-1991
that he sent Google in 2003.)
So it's not /your/ Google-Fu that's lacking, it's Google's.

(Which is a shame for history and research, but may have prevented
quite a few careers from being cut short by youthful indiscretions
resurfacing. I don't think /mine/ were CLM but ... there's something
to be said for EU's "Right to be Forgotten", as well as plenty to be
said against it. I wouldn't be surprised if the impossibility of
compliance with that EU directive may be why DejaNews qua Google
Groups no longer does the Usenet for which Google doesn't have a
user-agreement for each account.)

I gather the Smithsonian Inst. has some of Usenet as well as snapshots
of important Dot.Com pages archived for posterity
(we were informed our Dot.Com had been included! :-D)
but AFAIK they're mostly offline.

// Bill