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[ih] how big was the host file

On Thu, 6 Feb 2020, Lars Brinkhoff via Internet-history wrote:

> alphabetical order, and the second is in numerical-ish order.
> There are 66 unique host numbers, of which 14 are TIPs.

Can you share this 1973 MIT hosts file? I'd like to compare its entries 
with the following RFCs.

Oct 1971 RFC 252 lists 25 hosts by number (with no unique names there).

Dec 1971 RFC 289 lists 45 "formal" names (one without a network address)
and 16 nicknames.

Aug 1972 RFC 384 lists 70 site "idents" (with a few with multiple 

Dec 1973 RFC 597 lists 81 hosts and 9 upcoming hosts with their 

By the way, where are the two 1973 maps (geographic and logical) for RFC 
597 / NIC 20826? Anyone have those 1973 images scanned?