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[ih] how big was the host file

On 5 Feb 2020, at 23:15, Brian E Carpenter via Internet-history wrote:

> https://www.saildart.org/allow/HOSTS.TXT[HST,NET]29
> November 1988, 7083 hostnames.

In 1986 I was hired to work on hs.c which converted HOSTS.TXT to DNS zone file(s). This at SUNET/NorduNET to prepare for our connection which was added between KTH and JvNC in late November 1988 (we can say December 1, 1988).

Our networks (like are in the list above, but none of the hosts.

I think we from October 1996 did run mostly DNS where we could.

So I agree with people saying DNS took over 1986-1988, specifically when large(r) number of hosts where added like the addition of large portions of Europe during the late 1980-ies (and similar additions in the US I presume). Much thanks to Cisco starting to deliver their first routers.

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