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Micropolis is a pretty cool name... down to the root.  which something
truly derivative such as 'scriptcity' (which wouldnt' make sense on its
own if simcity hadn't come about, perhaps) isn't.  though I like the focus
on scripting :-)

we've been discussing in the office what this name should be as well;
it would be awesome to have the name ready so that as soon as we launch
the public source code tree that tree can have a suitable name without
worrying EA.  Chris Ball, our cleverest generalist, is especially keen
on getting the gpl project off to a good start.


From: Don Hopkins

Micropolis has a great ring to it, and a nice back story.

Here are some references:

Will Wright Chat Transcript

SimsStash (Jan 8, 2004 6:45:07 PM)
Were there any other names that were considered before you came up with

MaxisWill (Jan 8, 2004 6:45:07 PM)
Yes, first it was City Planner 1.0, then later it was Micropolis (but a
HD company already had that name)

Sim City - HOL Amiga database

TRIVIA: The pre-release title, MICROPOLIS, had to be discarded because
of the existence of a HD manufacturer at the time that went by the same

SimCity - Moby Games

Alternate Titles

* "????" -- Chinese Title (traditional)
* "????" -- Chinese Title (Simplified)
* "Micropolis" -- Working title
* "?????" -- Japanese Spelling

Closer Look: The Sims

In 1984, a brilliant young designer named Will Wright had his first game
published, Raid on Bungeling Bay. While the Terminator-esque game wasn't
quite a classic, it did set Wright on the path to creating a game he
originally called Micropolis.

You might know it better as SimCity.