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[ih] POLIS Simulations on ARPANET?

perhaps tangential there was Peter Langston's
and also Walter Bright's

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> Hi all,
> I came across a reference to the POLIS simulations conducted at UCSB by a
> Robert C. Noel. I've only been able to find a paper, but little else about
> this project. Is anyone familar with POLIS and point me in the right
> direction?
> More broadly, please mention if you know any other early computer
> experiments in social or political simulations running on ARPANET. Any help
> is appreciated.
> "The earliest trials of this type of simulation exercise were performed by
> Robert C. Noel of the University of California at Santa Barbara beginning
> in the early 1970s. His aim in the early POLIS simulations was to see if
> the game would retain its essential elements if the participants were
> physically removed from one another. Early POLIS exercises involved
> students at various campuses of the University of California system, linked
> by virtue of their access to ARPANET. Later in the 1970s, universities in
> other parts of the country with access to ARPANET joined the simulation
> exercises."
> Source: Wilkenfeld, J., & Kaufman, J. (1993). Political Science: Network
> Simulation in International Politics. Social Science Computer Review,
> 11(4), 464-476. https://doi.org/10.1177/089443939301100405
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