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[ih] New Republic Article - "How We Misremember the Internet’s Origins"

    > From: Karl Auerbach

    > This got forwarded to me this morning:
    > How We Misremember the Internet???s Origins
    > ...
    > This article seems very screedy to me.

I await breathlessly the author's forth-coming article on the deep ideological
linkage between Christianity and moveable type (hey, Gutenberg invented it to
print the Bible).

    > What rubs me wrong is how this article seems to try to paint people
    > working on network ideas as somehow evil

I didn't get that, actually - she refers to the meeting of technology with
the hippie mindset in California, for example.

But it's very hard to me to say just what her point is, past some vague
sophmoric vapidness about how technology has links of some sort to the society
that created it.


PS: She can't spell 'Internet'.
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