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[ih] New Republic Article - "How We Misremember the Internet’s Origins"

On November 1, 2019 15:42:26 Eric Gade <eric.gade at gmail.com> wrote:
> The very general idea of the article is correct: one can and should take 
> political, economic, and cultural forces into consideration when writing 
> the history of any technology. What is bizarre about this article is that 
> the author is only saying that this is so, implying that no one has done 
> this for the history of the Internet (I guess?) while offering no original 
> analysis in its place. So it's not really saying much in itself.
so many people frkm bith coasts and in the middle had to do with the
protocol ddvelopment, the experiments the clever programmers who made
it all work that the description is ludicrous.   bob kahn a hippie?

the author should take a gander of the roster of folk designated "internet
pioneers" at the net at 50 shindig.  {c that list isn't even complete.. i suspect
we all know someone who should have been included {e. g., will crowther}

                     Bernie Cosell
           bernie at fantasyfarm. com
? Too many people,  too few sheep ?
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