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[ih] New Republic Article - "How We Misremember the Internet’s Origins"

On Sat, Nov 2, 2019 at 9:37 AM <gaylord at dirtcheapemail.com> wrote:

> I think we could channel Padlipsky profitably in this context. Our author
> seems to think we should have "designed" the Internet (while having no
> concept that that's what was being built) to avoid humans acting like
> humans and making the Internet into a poster child of "this is why we can't
> have good things."

The Literary Estate of Michael Padlipsky approves this message.

(OTOH, Mike would have bristled at the "Humanities" degree remark -- his
degree literally said Humanities since "English" wasn't separate at MIT
then; he had one programming class.  When he applied for a Tech Writer job
on SAGE, they said full on that today but you've got a programming class,
maybe take our aptitude test? And a Systems Programmer was born. And even
though it's his (our) own historic ox being gored here, Mike likely would
have supported contextual analysis in the historiographic dialog; it was
the LitCrit deconstructionist analysis up with which he would not put.)

// William D. Ricker, holder of the Scotch
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