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[ih] inter-network communication history

As a minor footnote in internetworking, the Bay Area Packet Radio Network was also used as a transit network for Xerox PUP protocol internetwork packets in 1978/9-ish in a project I worked on with John Shoch.

This was described in a DATACOMM 1979 paper as well as a PARC Blue&White and probably the PRNET reports somewhere.  According to the paper, the PUP packets were fragmented into 1-3 PRNet Channel Access Protocol packets, (Not even IP).

By that time, various Xerox sites were interconnected by 9.6 and sometimes faster leased lines.  PRNet was used as a hop between PARC and the Ben Wegbreit/Charles Simonyi group farther down the hill.

I found one of the Alto-1822 interfaces in my basement last year (photo attached).  This was also used to connect the homemade PDP-10 PARC-MAXC2 to the Arpanet. IIRC it would run at a blistering 1.1 Mbps.


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