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[ih] inter-network communication history

On 8 Nov 2019 at 7:56, Craig Partridge via Internet-history wrote:

> Around 1983, network management work at BBN started going down two
> paths.
> One was the stuff that Hinden's team was doing for the NOC.  The other
> was
> Jil Wescott's distributed network management system (I think called
> NOMS?)
> with Charlie Lynn and I think Ross Callon and Karen Seo and, briefly
> me,
> working on it.

I think that mutated into ANM [advanced network management].  Bruce Laird 
took it over and I was project lead.   We were starting with the Lisp code that Jil's 
group had done and were porting/reinventing it as a distributed program for 
Sun workstations.   We actually got it working and I heard, after I had retired 
and headed farm-wad, that it was actually in use in the CSNET.

I forget who was working on it.  For sure David Waitzman and Doug Gallagher.
Bruce Laird or David will likely remember more about this than I do.  Is either on 
this list?

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