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[ih] Telnet paper by email

On 5/28/2019 1:29 AM, David Walden wrote:
> It was for the Fifth ACM/IEEE Symposium on Operating System Principles, September 1977.

Might be worth mentioning that the popular email spec, RFC 733, was 
primarily developed via email.  The 4 of us worked at 4 different 
institutions, around the country.  We met once or twice, as I recall, 
but the bulk of the collaboration was via email.  This was also 1977. 
And I think that by then this sort of email-mediated collaboration had 
become pretty common, for those with access to Arpanet mail.

(My phrasing of that is because email relaying meant that some people 
could interact with Arpanet mail users even though their system was 
directly attached to the Arpanet: "To Be 'On' the Internet", RFC 1775.)


Dave Crocker
Brandenburg InternetWorking