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[ih] New journal article on IMPs, modems and gateways

On 01/06/2019 08:15 PM, Fenwick Mckelvey wrote:
> Hi,


> Kevin Driscoll and I are happy to share our new article on the interface 
> message processor, modems and gateways published in the special issue on 
> ARPANET in the Internet Histories journal.


> You can view the article for free at: 
> https://www.tandfonline.com/eprint/yMkaE54yuIerwcwViDnE/full

Thank you for the link.

> Our article focuses on the IMP?s relation to the telephone system ? all 
> its work connecting nodes through long lines and modems ? and to the 
> history of gateways. We hope the article inspires more interest in our 
> fields on gateways and other devices at the margins that connected 
> computer networks over the years. As media historians, we are hoping to 
> collect more examples, especially specific gateways, and welcome 
> suggestions of where to look next.

I will definitely be making time to read your article.

> For me, the article was also a chance to focus more on IMPs in context, 
> building on some insights from my new book Internet Daemons, 
> http://internetdaemons.com.

Oh.  That looks promising.  }:-)

I'm hoping that this ends up being a companion to Where Wizards Stay Up 
Late - The Origins of the Internet, a book that I've quite enjoyed.

I love technical details and history of how things came about.

> If you have any questions or comments, we?d love to hear them.

Where would you like questions or comments sent to?  -  I've been 
accused of being wordy and I doubt this mailing list is the best place.

> Finally, a big thanks to Dave Walden for his feedback in writing this 
> manuscript. His website, book and comments made this publication 
> possible. All our errors are our own.


> Hope you enoy!


Grant. . . .
unix || die