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[ih] reinventing the wheel, was Internet History Lives on the Internet?

Good example of the confusion. Wi-Fi uses something called "serial multicast" for reasons related to rate selection; but multicast is an addressing mode, so the correct term is "serial unicast."


> On Feb 26, 2019, at 2:45 PM, Joe Touch <touch at strayalpha.com> wrote:
> Some people called this ?serial multicast?, vs native. 
> Joe
>> On Feb 26, 2019, at 1:16 PM, Guy Almes <galmes at tamu.edu> wrote:
>>  If you do multicast at the network layer, you get IP multicast, Steve 
>> Deering's thesis project that escaped from the lab and has challenged 
>> network engineers ever since.
>>  But if you do multicast at the application layer, you get lots of 
>> (IP) unicast traffic, but with some of the properties of IP multicast

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