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[ih] WiFi, DV, and transmission delay

 Jose, aka JJ now, worked on many ways to improve DV routing algorithms while at SRI. We also had another routing guy, Richard Ogier who worked on SURAN (the follow-on project for Packet Radio). ? I think Richard called his algorithm for SURAN threshold routing. Unfortunately, I don't remember much about threshold routing. I was only asked to add the necessary software to the code base. I was working on other projects.

If you want to find out more about routing for multi-hop wireless networks, you might need to look at papers and reports that talk about Packet Radio, SURAN, or SINCGARs. (SINCGARs was a project where SRI and ITT took SINCGARs, an existing combat net radio, and? created a prototype packet applique which turned this military radio into a network node, like a packet radio.).?? Another name to find information on SURAN is David/Dave Beyer. I think he may have written up much of the information that got published, including the routing.

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