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[ih] ARPANET 50-year anniversary panel session with Vint, Steve Crocker, and others

Seems to me that it 50 years might be a good time for many of us to 
write essays on things we've observed and learned - as network users & 

We've certainly seen entire industries & societal segments radically 
reshape themselves around network-centricity - some better than others, 
some not at all.

Me, I've been working on a series of blog posts titled "Notes of a 
Network Watcher" - focused on how organizations have changed, 
particularly in how we plan & organize complex activities (mission 
planning & battle management, political campaigns, transit operations, 
virtual businesses) in particular - reflecting my own experiences).

I'd sure like to see somebody write something on how the management of 
movie production has changed - just looking at the credits for a modern 
movie suggests that making a modern movie might be the only human 
activity more complex than planning & waging war.

Anybody out there want to collaborate on a series of chapters to collect 
into a book on "50 Years of a Network-Centric Society?" (Before we all 
die off, and leave people to repeat mistakes that we've already made and 
learned from.)


Miles Fidelman

On 2/22/19 1:23 PM, Andrew G. Malis wrote:
> This is definitely of interest to this list, great video.
> Cheers,
> Andy
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> This year various commemorative activities are happening.? One 
> happened this past Sunday at the annual meeting of the AAAS. See
> https://meetings.aaas.org/arpanet-livestream/
> The title frame stops about 1:15 into the video.
> The repeatable live stream at the URL is supposed to go away at some 
> point but with the URL then reconnecting to a permanent archive 
> location for the video. I don't know if there will be any gap in 
> availability.
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