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[ih] Fwd: When did "32" bits for IP register as "not enough"?

Vint says
> not so richard. By 1983, DOD had officially endorsed OSI.

DoD formal endorsement of OSI was Mike Padlipsky's cross to bear.
His portion of our Department at MITRE was on the DODIIS procurement.
(DODIIS was the compartmented secure fork of the MILNET fork of the DARPA
Internet for "the community".)
"They" were very unhappy with his pointed commentary on ISO OSI not being
ready for real use, let alone being "bad art".
Luckily his pointedest papers were approved for public release in 1982.

I erred in replying off-list over the weekend -- remedied below.

Bill Ricker
The Literary Estate of M.A.P.
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fwiw, it was by then two years after the rant** which marked my own
> epiphany. [...]
> ** B.E. Carpenter, Is OSI Too Late?, RARE Networkshop 1989, Computer
> Networks and ISDN Systems, 17 (1989) 284-286, DOI
> 10.1016/0169-7552(89)90040-8

Now that the words "rant" and "epiphany" have been mentioned, I should
mention that such epiphanies were foretold by a ranting prophet, not
respected in his own bureaucracy (a metaphoric country, as is traditional
since Cassandra):

M.A.Padlipsky's *Tea-Bag Papers* of 1982.

(The original private-circulation edition of these technical papers came
with a coverpage with photocopied Salada tea-bag-tag-lines, hence the

   - RFC871: <https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc871> A Perspective on the
   ARPANet Reference Model
   - RFC872: <https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc872> TCP-on-a-LAN
   - RFC873: <https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc873> Illusion of vendor support
   - RFC874: <https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc874> Critique of X.25
   - RFC875: <https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc875> Gateways, architectures,
   and heffalumps

which are summarized by his pastiche of a Tuna advertisement of the day
which made it into one of the Quotes files:

On Networking Architecture
"Do you want protocols that look nice or protocols that work nice?''
Mike Padlipsky, internet architect -- Bitmover Quote file

These papers were the "existing draft" that Mike showed to the
Prentice-Hall field editor through whom I'd ordered another colleague's
book as alternate text for a class -- Unix for Secretaries -- who'd asked
me if I'd like to write a technical book, and I said no, but my colleague
Mike has the beginnings of one, and thus became the core of  *The Elements
of Networking Style (& Other Essays & Animadversions of the Art of
Intercomputer Networking*), 1985. (So yes, I'm implicated marginally, which
is why I'm here.) Alas the Literary Estate of A.A.Milne refused to grant
mechanical copyright to include the actual Heffalump quotation in the book.
(Possibly they feeling burned by "*The Tao of Poo*"?)

IIRC the GOSIPing ISORMites in DODIIS management - his nominal customer at
MITRE while continuing to do WG like things - were not most pleased, and
his later commentary on ISO OSI RM vis-a-vis TCP/IP had to be
"handkerchiefed" to hide the "constructive snottiness" (and/or privately

Bill Ricker
The Literary Estate of M.A.P.
<bill.n1vux at gmail.com>
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